Brain networks in Parkinson's Disease Psychosis

Using graph theoretical approaches and resting fMRI data to better characterise the neural fingerprints of visual hallucinations in Parkinson’s Disease. This includes (i) evaluating group differences in FC in terms of both Von Economo cytoarchitectonic principles and well-established functional connectivity networks, (ii) NBS analyses, and (iii) machine learning approaches to identify patterns of covariance between rsfMRI networks and cognitive and clinical biomarkers of interest (cognitive tasks, MCI tests, cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers such as β-Amyloid, T-Tau and α-Synuclein)

Marcella Montagnese
Marcella Montagnese
Research Fellow

My research interests include the application of neuroimaging (fMRI, DWI, EEG) and graph theory to the study of psychopathology and dementia. I mainly work on psychosis both in neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease, as well as in schizophrenia. My recent work focuses on using Artificial Intelligence for early dementia detection and prognosis.